Class of 2012

  • 46: Percentage of the Class of 2012 who were employed full-time six months after graduation
  • 35: Percentage who were enrolled in graduate or professional school six months after graduation
  • 19: Percentage who were volunteering, traveling, applying to graduate school, job searching, or doing something else six months after graduation
  • 80: Percentage of Johns Hopkins applicants to US medical schools who were admitted for the application years 2006 to 2012
  • 83+: Percentage of Johns Hopkins applicants accepted to one or more US law schools for the 2012 application year

It’s a big world. And at Johns Hopkins, you’ll have every opportunity to dive right into it. But with so many choices available—classes, seminars, workshops, projects and independent study, internships, study abroad—it can be overwhelming trying to navigate it all. Here, you’ll find plenty of people by your side, ready to help you find the path that’s right for you. Your academic and faculty advisers assist you in selecting courses, exploring academic options, and evaluating your interests.

Of course, it’s possible to change your major (and lots of people do!). Likewise, all students are free to switch between the schools of Arts & Sciences and Engineering, and are encouraged to take courses in both. Besides your formal adviser, you’ll find numerous other sources of advice, guidance, and direction—or just good information! Instead of a rigid core of compulsory courses, Johns Hopkins requires only that you fulfill general distribution requirements in several academic areas (depending on your major), a writing requirement, and for some majors, a language requirement. Beyond that, you’re free to concentrate on what you love, or to explore more broadly.

Resources for Success