Beyond Homewood

Getting into Intersession

It’s probably hard enough right now to imagine living on a college campus; can you imagine being so interested in a course that you’d choose to stay there during winter break?

Plenty of students do just that at Johns Hopkins to take advantage of Intersession, an optional three-week mini-semester in January. Learn more about intersession here or watch a video on how some Johns Hopkins students spend their Intersession.

Customizing Your Experience

What do you really want to do? How can Johns Hopkins help you get there? It’s simple: The classes are small here, and the resources are big. That means you get to know your professors and classmates the way you would at a small liberal arts college, but you have all the opportunities of a major research institution with a global reach, right at your fingertips, as an undergraduate. We can’t tell you what you want to do, but we can give you some exciting ways to get you there and help to make your four years here a rewarding, engaging, experience of a lifetime.

Other Hopkins Divisions

Hopkins undergraduates take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided by our many divisions and affiliates—from research to course work to volunteering.

Homewood Campus
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
Whiting School of Engineering
The Peabody Institute
The Peabody Institute - Downtown Baltimore
East Baltimore Campus
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Other Locations
Carey Business School - Baltimore and Washington, DC
Nitze School of Advanced International Studies - Washington, DC
School of Education - Baltimore

Study Abroad

During any given year, more than 400 Johns Hopkins students are studying abroad in nearly 30 countries around the world. Learn more!


Internship possibilities in the Baltimore area are numerous, and the city’s location between Washington, DC, and New York helps multiply those options. The Career Center maintains an extensive database of internship postings in different fields and in different locations worldwide; they’ll guide in finding and applying for the internships that interest you.


Research isn’t always done in a lab. About two-thirds of Johns Hopkins students engage in some form of research while they are students here, and they come from all disciplines and majors. Find examples here or read about the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Awards, the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Program, and the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards.