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Looking through a list of majors and programs can be daunting. Which one is right for you? What if you change your mind?

Step one: Relax.

Step two: Browse through our Academics Blog, where you’ll find student-written entries on every single major and minor offered at Johns Hopkins. Read how students chose their majors, what kinds of classes they are taking, and the opportunities they are discovering.

What do you really want to do? No matter what their major, Johns Hopkins students are active learners, engaged and alive in what they study.

It’s an energetic community full of differences—but open to everyone with a thirst for learning. Instead of a rigid core of compulsory courses, Hopkins requires only that you fulfill general distribution requirements in several academic areas (depending on your major), a writing requirement, and for some majors, a language requirement. Beyond that, you’re free to concentrate on what you love, or to explore more broadly.



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