Residential Life

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It’s hard to imagine yourself on campus by reading words on a web page.

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What is Johns Hopkins really like for undergraduates? With more than 360 groups and organizations, varsity and intramural athletics, lots of nearby options for nightlife and weekend excursions, life here can be whatever you want it to be. There’s always something going on—and there are plenty of ways to become a part of the Johns Hopkins community as a freshman.

Some things you’ll want to know about life at Johns Hopkins:

Whether you want the traditional dormitory experience—a double room in the Alumni Memorial Residences (AMR)—or want to try suite-style living in Buildings A and B, John Hopkins offers many choices for undergraduates. On- and off-campus residences with a variety of amenities make it easy to make yourself at home.
Almost as important as where you live is what you eat. Luckily, Johns Hopkins offers a lot of options for hungry undergraduates. Learn more about Dining Dollars, meal plans, vegetarian and kosher options, and, of course, the menus.
One of the best ways to get involved is Orientation, where incoming freshmen meet other students, learn their way around, and take part in student-organized activities. International students can also check in with the Office International Student and Scholar Services.
Health and Wellness
Learn more about the health services here and get important info on immunization requirements and pre-entry health forms.
Homewood Security
In addition to keeping our residents safe, the Campus Safety and Security Office offers campus escort and shuttle services and crime prevention tips.
Disability Services
Read all about disability services and accommodations.
Campus Ministries
Home to a wide variety of prayer and worship services, the Interfaith and Community Service Center welcomes all students. Those interested in Jewish life at Johns Hopkins should also visit Hopkins Hillel for more information.