The Homewood Campus

Safety and Security at Hopkins

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As a college student, the campus becomes your home. You’ll be happy to know that Johns Hopkins’ Homewood campus is not only 140 acres of green, inviting space, but also an active and energetic place to live. From classrooms to residence halls and performance spaces to winding paths through gorgeous landscaping, Homewood makes it easy for you to become part of the larger community.

So what do students do here? From summer movies on the quad to annual speaker series, there’s always something going on. Add to that our 360-plus student groups, an active arts community and you’ve got a lot of options each week.

Explore some of the highlights below for just a sample of what the Homewood campus has to offer. (You’ll be surprised how many of them are student-run!)

Student Groups and Activities

Annual Campus Events

Arts at Johns Hopkins

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